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Providing conducive environment, relevant, up-to-date materials and high standards of service for excellence in learning , teaching , research, spiritual, social and moral activities

The library has got both print and no-print materials e.g books, journals, periodicals, CDs and Internet access .The library caters for more than 500 students. The library has got sections namely; The Reading/Studying Section which has got chairs, round tables and carrels.The Computer section has computers with internet connections where every student has access.The short loan and the long loan where books are found on reserve shelf and open shelf respectively. The Malawiana section :This section has materials/publications concerning malawi. Periodicals section: This is a section that has journals and other periodicals. Materials from the Malawiana and periodicals section are not to be taken outside the library.The Library his also subscribed to HINARI e-resources where students have access to academic resources on-line

The MCHS main library has got a branch which is Chiwale Min-Library, it is at the extended campus of the MCHS called Chiwale. The Catalog of the MCHS library is accessible on an open source library management software called KOHA via the local Network at the campus.

Library opening hours

Monday to Thursday

07:30  - 17:00

06:00  - 22:00   

Friday and Sunday

07:30  - 12:00 

It is closed on Sabbath

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