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Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students

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HAPPY A. CHITANI, Bsc. Boimedical Science (Public Health), Dip. Clinical Medicine,  is the Acting Dean of students

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Office: +265 1 470 117 ext 119
+265 1 470 139
Email :,  or

The office of the Dean of Students was established when Malamulo College became independent of the Malamulo Hospital for the purpose of looking into student affairs.

The office is responsible for the spiritual, social, emotional and physical welfare of students at Malamulo College of Health

The college is growing day by day and has now the capacity of 600 students residential both private and funded students


In trying to promote health, the College maintains a health service for students.
All students are required to have medical check-up prior to registration into the college (before commencement of the proposed program).

Health Service includes:

  • Physical examination, check of blood pressure,
  • Hemoglobin,
  • Urinalysis, stool examination & an X-ray (if required).

It is a must that all students should have an accepted Malawi Government Health passport


The administration of discipline is an inescapable undertaking of any educational institution. Student discipline is administered by making use of the student hand book that governs student conduct on and off campus.


  • Promotion of students spiritual, social, emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Provision of comfortable student accommodation
  • Provision of adequate space for student meals
  • Provision of nutritious food
  • Promotion of student health clinic

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