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Human Resource

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The Department of Human Resource is one of the Departments at Malamulo College of Health Sciences. Malamulo college of Health Sciences has a total of not less than 150 employees. Among the employees we have Core Staff, Support Staff, Contract Workers -Core and Support, Core VSO Staff, and Core Government Seconded Staff.

The office of Human Resource has its core values beside the institution core values, its
values are
Being accountable and transparency
Living within our means for things budgeted and not budgeted for.
Managing for performance

The Human Resource Department has other minor departments under it
1.Maintenance Department
In this department, we have the maintenance supervisor who is the overseer of all maintenance activities. Under him is the builder, plumber and the electrician.
2.Housekeeping Department
In this department, all the cleaners and ground workers report to the supervisor of housekeeping.
3.Security Department
All College security guards report under the security department. 

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